Safer and Cleaner Skincare: Team Committed Beauty

Skincare That’s Safer

Want To Be Part Of The Committed Beauty TEAM

Beautycounter is more than just a beauty and skincare company; it is looking to make a change! Their mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. That is a mission worth considering, and you can become an  Independent Consultant and be part of their Movement…

Contact Me: Wilmari Eckerson for a One-on-One, about how you can become an Independent Consultant for Beautycounter: 

The start of a great business is having a Why? For me becoming an Independent Consultant for Beautycounter will allow me to grow A Committed Heart! The extra income will aid in my continued efforts Providing support and encouragement to women with PMDD. It means having extra money to give to the organization that contributes to PMDD Awareness and hopefully one day turning A Committed Heart into one of those organizations. Want the Long Version Click Here To Read My Post

(Earning potentional is based on the Independant Consultants commitment, efforts, and sales skills. Income is not guaranteed.)Because this job is once in a lifetime. it's an opportunity to build a business that will be financially rewarding, while simultaneously have social impact.

Skincare with a Purpose

Additionally, as a woman that has PMDD, I need to make sure I keep away from any chemicals or ingredients that can directly impact my hormones. Beautycounter ensures that every product meets high-performance standards without compromising health, making that a win for me and my hormones.

As an Independent Consultant with Beautycounter you can feel confident that you are sharing with the world a safer way to beauty and skincare. Before you make a final decision watch Gregg Renfrew, The Founders & CEO, Why? To creating Beautycounter.

Committed Beauty Wants You

For me joining Beautycounter and Creating the Committed Beauty Team, is my passion for educating and advocating. I love that I can share my PMDD story with everyone I speak to regarding Beautycounter and my Company Committed Beauty. Because my why involves my advocating for better healthcare and awareness of PMDD it makes perfect sense for me to advocate for better and safer skincare.

(Earning potentional is based on the Independant Consultants commitment, efforst, and sales skills. Income is not guaranteed.)

Whatever the reason, the Committed Beauty Team, will personally be supporting you every step of the way. The best part is … you have me as your Mentor to guide you along your Beautycounter journey. As your mentor, I will share with you my tips and tricks that have helped me to grow my Independent Consultant Beautycounter business, Committed Beauty. Just like support and encourage all my beautiful PMDD sister I will do the same for you. We are a team! 

As A Consultant you will receive:

  • Beast-in-class training and tools to run a successful business in a supportive environment.
  • Personal guidance and insight from experienced Consultants to Help your business reach its full potential.
  • Generous Compensation to reward your efforts, and many opportunities to give yourself a raise.

Beautycounter is so much more than a job, it is a community that wants to grow and empower others to advocate for safer guidelines. Where else can you feel rewarded both personally and financially, and feel good about your decision to become an Independent Consultant?

Need More to think about? Here is a Video Of More Information Regarding The Why to  Beautycounter: