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Dear Vlogger: You’re Not Keeping It Real, You’re Just Rude

Dear Vlogger: You're Not Keeping It Real, You're Just Rude

Is it Keeping It Real or Just Plain Rude

When did Keeping it Real become an acceptable form of speech? Did I miss the memo that if we Keep it Real, the truth will shine? When did Keeping it Real, give us a pass to being rude?

One of my biggest mantras is being true to you and speaking your truth. When I hear people say I am Keeping it Real, I want more than anything to support that kind of authenticity.

But not when Keeping it Real, mocks, ridicules, and judges other humans.

Keeping it Real is Speaking Your Opinion

Hate is not Keeping it Real; it seems more to me that Keeping it Real is just an opinion. As bloggers and vloggers, we create a place where we can share our views, but that does not make them facts just because they are out in the cyber world. To be honest even what I write, except for maybe my personal stories, are still my opinion and from my perspective.

Making a video of your experience, view, and using a study does not make it a fact! It does not negate the truth of the circumstance surrounding other peoples lives or the way others perceive the world. It just means that the blogger and vlogger can speak to his reality, wager his opinion, provide a solution and back it up with a study that solidifies his or her believes.

All of those are great qualities to have as a blogger or a vlogger, but it does not qualify us as the truth teller of the world. It does not mean that saying Keeping it Real magically makes everything “Real.” What it does mean is that we are in a unique position to express our self in a platform that can impact many without any real regulation.

Dear Vlogger: You're Not Keeping It Real, You're Just RudeAs a Matter of Fact

As a blogger or vlogger, the hope is that people make a connection with your content. For many the topics, they speak on are very near and dear to their hearts. Making their content very personal and authentic.

That is my experience with my blog and many of my fellow bloggers’ blogs that I have connected with and read. The level of authenticity is genuine and raw, at times even my content makes me cry. The ultimate hope is that we can connect with our audience, that we inspire their lives and give them the tools to help them on their journeys.

I am not the blog or vlog police, but maybe Keeping it Real, should be more of a self-reflection than an outward judgment. Instead of Keeping it Real, perhaps we should start Keeping it Kind, Keeping it with Love, and Keeping Hate to out. We are in a unique place as a blogger or vlogger, we have an opportunity to show the world something that is very real, Love!

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. 

“God is Love.”- 1 John 4:16



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2 thoughts on “Dear Vlogger: You’re Not Keeping It Real, You’re Just Rude

  1. this is literally the truth. Our society has masked ” keeping it real” with rudeness. I believe in the age-old saying, ” if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself”. Only say things that would not be perceived as nice or favorable, if it is to pinpoint a person’s fault that can be changedd…and you are willing to be involved in the process of creating solutions to help the person.

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