Here I am ! Fulfilling My Purpose

Here I am ! Fulfilling My Purpose

My Purpose

The Struggle

Do you ever struggle with achieving or fulfilling a promise, vow, purpose…etc?

I felt God calling me to do something greater than myself, but I did not want to commit to his will. I not only struggle with God purposed for me but I also struggle with normal Human things like; eating right, working out, studying, mothering, and the list goes on. Do you feel that same struggle to commit? Commitment is one of those words that people hear and feel the heaviness of its meaning. Terrifying a lot of people away from what could have been the greatest moment/thing/time of their lives. I think we should define the word commitment.

The Websters Dictionary tells us that commitment is from commit meaning “…to deliver for safekeeping, entrust; consign, 2 to put in custody or confinement, 3 to do or perpetrate, 4 to bind as by a promise; a pledge”(133). I am very loyal human but even the word commitment sounds heavy to me. So what about loyal what does that mean? Webster Dictionary defines loyal as “… faithful to one’s country, friends, ideal etc”(384). Essentially when you are loyal you are committed to one thing or person.

Committing to the Journey

I am a very loyal person and when I love someone, something, etc. I truly give all of myself and my money to where my loyalty lies. How about you can you identify? Are you loyal? Regardless if you are or if you are not you can still commit. As for me, my loyalty is leading me here, to this site! To start committing myself to something that is both amazing and scary at the same time. Inserting myself in the web by revealing all aspects of the beautifully flawed human that I am. So if you are also a beautifully flawed human as I know you are, join me on this journey. Together we may just figure out what life’s purpose is and even make friends along the way. In any case, I’m here and ready to blog and I invite you to join me!


Here is my personal disclaimer, I am in a personal relationship with God, I was saved by the blood of his son Jesus Christ. Now  I am also a sinner that struggles in life. I don’t have all the answers, I don’t always say the right things, I am a little crazy at times and not PERFECT. I may write about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Sometimes it will be related to God and scripture directly and others times about LIFE in all its wonderful unholy glory. I don’t know what my “niche” is I just know I must write.


Eckhert Committed


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