Into The Water: It was a Cold Read

Into The Water: It was a Cold Read

Into The Water

“She sinks. By the time they drag her out the second time, her lips are the blue of a bruise, and her breath is gone for good.”-Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

In my home, my husband is like a polar bear; he needs it to be arctic cold at all times. To him, it does not matter that it’s Florida in the middle of summer and his wife has to wear winter clothing to move around the house. For him, the temperature is just right, and any interruption to the thermos stats is an unwelcome change.

Like my husband fondness for cold, Paula Hawkins, Into The Water also enjoys icing you down to the bone and shocking you all the way to the end. Have a blanket and hot chocolate ready because it’s going to be a chilling read.

The Temperature Drops

The author Paula Hawkins book structure is just like her other New York Best Seller The Girl On the Train each character in the story holds down his or her chapter. The book mostly centers around two sisters, Julia & Nell, and their bitter relationship.

Julia is a woman that leads a life of simplicity and a self-proclaimed loner with a painful past. In Julia’s chapters, we view her relationship with Nell, thru the years. Julia’s bitterness towards Nell is apparent to the reader for the majority of the book. That’s what makes the author brilliant; the reader is immediately sucked into a sister rivalry.

Establishing the feelings of the reader immediately as they prepare for an icy story.

Into the Water

Fearlessly Cold Women

Interestingly enough none of the women in this book come off as women that are gentle and docile. The women that make up the main characters of Into the Water are fearless, passionate, intense individuals with a hint of something more boiling beneath the surface. Most importantly that is not all they have in common, each of them is intertwined together like a well-knitted blanket.

Though the women each have such strong personalities, they also have moments of weakness. That weakness is the very things that lead most of them to seem like very likely suspects.

Maybe except the detective, none of them can be cleared from doubt. Even the women that are no longer living have culpability.

Love is Dead

One thing readers will enjoy about Into the Water was the lack of romantic relationships. The author does use romantic relationships to divert from the actual relationships that matter, but it is never overpowering. The romance is just not a part of what leads to the conclusion of Into the Water.

The book was more than women getting into a romantic affair that leads to unwanted consequences. It was about the inner workings of two relationships, Julia & Nell’s  fractured relationship, and Katie’s & Lena’s friendship.

Neither Julia & Nell’s or Katies & Lena’s relationship have what one would call a happy ending. The circumstance does not inspire feelings of warmth for the reader. Instead, you just feel confused and a little bit angry at the cold heart approach of each woman.

Love is not radiating from the women at all at some points and for some not at all. Only one character, Lena, expresses love for Katie, a love that is borderline romantic.

The Book within a Book 

The author uses an unusual tactic to bait the reader. She dangles the curiosity Nell’s troublesome book. The description of the material she was researching made the reader want to seek a copy for their reading pleasure. But don’t run off just yet to Barnes & Noble, the book is within the book! That alone will grip you to your seat!

If Into the Water was not written on Girl Power, then The Drowning Pool was the catalyst that would have pushed it over.

The Drowning Pool, By Daniel Abbot, is just as chilling. The stories behind The Drowning Pool are more chilling than the next. Leaving another chilling twist in the plot of Into the Water, while seeking refuge under your blankets.

The underlining context of both books is of women of power or “Troublesome women” as Nell Abbot describes them.

The Line-Up

But The Drowning Pool book does more than just give us more women to admire. It gives us many motives for Nell Abbot’s death along with a couple of possible suspects.

Paula Hawkins has an excellent ability for miss direction. The reader must go all the way to get a concrete answer to the burning question, WHO? No one is safe from persecution and possibility of committing murder.

Or was there even a crime at all! The reader chews on this little nugget all along the way. All the women that are deceased leave you wondering if it was a suicide or murder. The author just keeps throwing (literally, lol) characters Into the Water, leaving us wondering did they or didn’t they, HMM!

What Makes The Book

The ending is the book; nothing will prepare you for the final page! It is the cold water that stuns the reader to stupor. If Into the Water felt a bit slow at first then the ending will be the “I captured you moment” of the book.

Paula Hawkins Brilliance is on full display at the end, and the reader will never be the same again.


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