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Prepping For The Storms PMDD & Hurricane Irma: Part Two

Prepping For The Storms PMDD & Hurricane Irma: Part Two

This post is a continuation from Prepping For The Storms PMDD & Hurricane Irma: Part One

Four Days Till Hurricane Irma

As I walk into the classroom, I am oddly aware that everyone seems rational and calm, as if it was any other school day. I am struck with ” What is wrong with you people? Am I the only one in a panic?” I apologize and take my seat. The class went by rather quickly despite my mind being distracted. Once done I rush to my car, if running didn’t seem strange I would have sprinted to my car.

I get home both Hurricane Irma and my sick kids are waiting on me. I call The pediatrician and set up an appointment. It is now 10: 30 am. I start putting away the hurricane supply I have bought in waterproof containers. Because I am still on PMDD days, I have to stay focused really, or I will quickly get drawn into the news media report and social media talks.

Hurricane Irma, Strep, and Propane OMG!

By now I should’ve felt prepared, but I don’t! My husband tells me he could not get propane at the store and everywhere is sold out. Yesterday was the water and today is the Propane! I push the thought to the side and focus on my kids and homework.

It’s noon, and I’m on the computer finishing my homework before the storm comes and leave me without power. Like I said class seemed oddly normal. In an hour I will take my youngest to the doctor to then run home and get my eldest for his appointment.

It turned out that both my eldest and youngest have Streptococcus. Yes, strep! My middle just had a cold! Thankfully the doctor gave them penicillin shots which will clear up the strep in 24 hours.
Prepping For The Storms PMDD & Hurricane Irma: Part Two

You’re Late

After their appointments, I  decided to look for propane with a quick search on google! Google tells me that there is an Amerigas near me. I call but the line is busy after, and after a couple of more try I finally get someone on the line. They tell me that they have propane and to come by to get my tank filled.

It turns out that the location is sixteen miles across town and according to my Waze app 35 minutes away. I look at the time, and it’s 4:15 and they close at 5:00. I race against time, Waze ETA tells me I will reach Amerigas at 4:50 pm. In reality, I get there at 4:55 pm. I run inside and tell them that I called and was told to come by the lady just gives me a funny look. The clerk tells me to hold on and walks away.

Be Still

At this point, I have prayed and begged, then betrayed my faith in fits of anger against the world the entire day and the whole ride to get propane. But my Lord still blessed me. The propane dock was only open till 4:00, I was 55 minutes late, (explains the funny look) yet they filled it no questions asked! I knew then I had to stop going so crazy and just listen to the Holy Spirits Promoting just to be still.

I drove home humbled and thankful; it was time to go home and worship! At home, I turn my music on open my Bible, put the pen to my journal and  I write…

Thankful Thursday 

I finally got my Period last night, and Today I feel rejuvenated. The correlation of my mood with the arrival of my menstruation is genuine. The anxiety level has dropped, and I am full of energy.

Once up and moving I find out if sandbags are available in my city. It is 7:30 am, my son has school today, I will drop him off and head over to HomeDepo to get plastic wrap to cover the door and then lay the sandbag. My husband went to get the sandbags and is currently in line. He waited in line for two hours.

The Depo

In HomeDepo I start thinking of last minute thing I may need, I still need more water. I know they will not have water bottles, I look for jugs, but they are also gone. Then it hits me I decided to get their all-purpose 5-gallon buckets, I will clean them out and fill them with water, I buy four. At the register, I see runners wristbands; my biggest fear is losing my kids in the chaos of the aftermath. I grab them with the thought if we are in the dark we can wear them to locate each other or signal help.

Before I start filling my 5-gallon buckets, I stop and make time for God; I pray that he comforts me and give me words to speak. I am directed to 1 John 4:16, 4:18 and 1 Corinthians 13:8.

“…God is Love.” 1 John 4:16 “There is no fear in love.” 1 John 4:18 “Love never Fails…” 1 Corinthians 13:8

That was what I needed to fuel me; I decided to write it on the mirror in my bathroom. That will be our safe place when the storm comes and in time of fear I wanted to see God’s promise.

The rest of the day I spend it cleaning my house from top to bottom. I think it was a way for me to have control over something, keeping my house clean and organized seemed like the best idea. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and ready to crash into bed and sleep the night away.

I went to sleep, but the hardest part of this was yet to come. Three days till Hurricane Irma!


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3 thoughts on “Prepping For The Storms PMDD & Hurricane Irma: Part Two

  1. Had I known you were going through so much to prepare, I would have reached out had we connected earlier! I live in Clermont west of Orlando. It was a bit hectic but fortunately, my husband grew up in Miami and is pretty well versed with hurricane prep. OUr local fire departments and city offer sand and sandbags. They assist with filling the bags as well. Not sure where you are located but hopefully you’ll be able to save some of your supplies for the next prep!

    1. I live in Lake Nona, that is next to the airport. I have been to Clermont a few times and I use to live in Kissimmee which is a little closer to Clermont. Thank you for offering, I was more in an emotional spiral at this point. But once I stopped I realized I had done everything humanly possible. It was time to let go and Let God!

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